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Do you need a new League of Legends account? Look no further, this is the best place to get your League of Legends smurf. We offer the most popular smurf accounts. All accounts are unranked and will get a fresh rank once you start playing. Stop waste time leveling and jump into ranked seconds from now with our Instant Delivery System(IDS), available 24/7.
“Hut, two, three, four!”

cheap league of legends account

Are you looking to buy a new LoL account? We offer the highest quality of League of Legends smurf accounts. All of our accounts are unranked and preleveled ready to be purchased by League of Legends players. Accounts have Blue Essence ready to be spent on the champions you prefer to play. Reach the ranks of your dreams with a new League of Legends account with ‘clean’ MMR. You will notice that you will gain a lot more LP/Skip ranks on a fresh account than on your old one. This is because the current system doesn’t allow you to climb faster out of your current rank, this can only be achieved with a fresh account or in the start of a season. High elo players tend to get new accounts since their queue times are too long. Instead of waiting 15-20 minutes for a queue to pop they rather spend that time practicing new champions or just getting better at the game in general. Having a smurf also allows you to play with your friends on their elo, since the current rank system has restrictions to what ranks you can play together with. A smurf account can also save you some frustration, since most people don’t wanna tryhard all the time, then an alternative account can be a great way to get some chill games in now and then with your friends. We all know that normal games are way too unbalanced to enjoy.

Play with your low/higher elo friends

If you want to play with friends that are higher or lower ranked than your current account then a smurf account is a must. Since the restrictions in the current system doesn’t allow you to play ranked with your friends if you are too far apart in your ranks. When you get an account from us you will get Blue Essence so you can buy the champions for the role you prefer to play. Let’s say you’re playing jungle and love to play Xin Zhao and Shyvanna, pick those up and start grinding those games. You will notice how your winrate spikes and you will get a lot higher MMR than on your old account. It’s always fun to start a onetrick account too, who doesn’t love those Yasuo/Riven onetricks solocarrying games?

Take this chance also to play some new champions that you never played before on a new account so you don’t lose games in vain. You can also use the time playing on a new account with your lower elo friends to teach them some tips and tricks about the game or help them climb their elo. Be a nice friend;)

Challenge yourself

Lets say you’re a high Diamond player and finding yourself stuck at your current rank for a while, Master and Challenger is out of reach currently but you still wanna improve. Playing more games at your current elo is frustrating because the opponents are too hard to stomp against. By getting into a new account it will actually boost your confidence by a lot. You will feel like you can make bigger plays and outplay your opponent harder than usually, meaning you will get even broader experience on how to snowball the game. Getting a new account with a fresh KDA on champions will make your account look like you’re a pro player. If you feel like one you will eventually play like one.

This is just some of the challenges you can do, OneTrick-accounts are very common today. Pros say that playing with a small champion pool will actually cause you to win more games in the end.

Boring to level a new account

If you find yourself in the decision of buying a new account or leveling a new one, there’s probably no better way to get started than to buy one. Creating and leveling a new account right now is a very frustrating experience. The first levels are easy and you will eventually get bored of leveling. Once you win a few more games than losses you will start playing against high ranked people and your games will become hard and frustrating because your teammates will probably be new players and it’s gonna be all on you to carry the game. Why not save that energy and effort for some real ranked games that actually count? Maybe you got banned recently, or just too lazy to level a new account, why even bother? We offer preleveled accounts that are ready to be played ranked on instantly after you made the purchase. This site was made for League of Legends players that doesn’t like to waste time. Our checkout is as simple as it can get. Account are sent out instantly after the purchase has been made, there’s no scam involved and we take payments with safe methods like PayPal, which have buyers guarantees. We also have a nice support that will help you out with any questions you might have prior or after your purchase.


Best smurf site for sure

Most legit and clean looking site. I’d spend more money on other games too but I play mostly League now, will return in the future, thanks a bunch for the help you gave me ^^ I RECOMMEND THIS SITE!


Pretty quick..

Got it instantly to my mailbox after I bought which is nice. Can also help some of my lower elo friends climb now since the restrictions:) I’ll recommend ZeroInput to all my gaming friends in the future


Saved time

Leveling would have taken me ages to get my new smurf up, got account from ZeroInput instead and couldn’t have been happier


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